SEAR – Urine Drug Screening / Family Support Services

Our “Glass Kitchen” Approach to UAs/Urine Drug Screening and Family Support Services

Urine Drug Screening:

Unlike many PHPs, IOPs and other outpatient programs SEAR Group does not do weekly/routine in house testing. Why? Because at this point you have been through other levels of care and been tested all the way. We begin our service relationship with a little trust, though we will test on promptly on suspicion and continuation in the program after a positive test will be reviewed to determine if referral to another level of care is warranted.

Additionally, we employ a “glass kitchen” approach to fees where our clients know exactly what things cost; with no hidden fees, no mark ups and no inflated costs being passed on to you. You use your own physician and LabCorp/Quest so that the cost to you is clear.

So, how I get set up for the UAs?

You work with your own physician (*we have a form to help you) to arrange for a standing order to be placed with either LabCorp or Quest and have the results set up to be automatically sent to both SEAR and your physician. (we can refer you to a physician if you do not have one).

Frequently, these tests can be covered under your private insurance and even if in your case they are not, the cost to you will be clear, upfront and often significantly lower. (*unlike many other programs, we do not test and bill you for an inflated, additional charge).

Family Recovery Education / Support

As part of the series your partner/spouse or parent(s) may attend our 2-hour “Addiction 101 Seminar” (offered monthly) during the time you are actively participating in the group series. (*The normal fee for this is waived for them as long as they attend while you are actively in the program.)

This is an educational seminar aimed at giving loved ones an initial introduction to addiction and recovery. Seminar covers the disease model, expectations during recovery, accessing family support, maneuvering some challenges in manage care/insurance, setting healthy boundaries and more.

Families will also be referred to ongoing, local family support groups (if they are not already a part of one) and encouraged to participate.