SEAR – Insurance Statements and Cost

Insurance Statements for Reimbursement

We do not accept insurance for this professional group series. However, SEAR Group does provide the detailed statements (aka Super-Bills), for you to submit on your own, in order to receive whatever your insurance policy allows for out-of-network reimbursement of these out patient group services under your specific plan.

Our insurance statement/Super Bills reflect the services you actually received and are listed as “out patient group therapy”. There is typically very low reimbursement from insurance companies for this service category, despite what is typical in the industry in Texas.

One positive is that this more accurately reflects the service and will not use any of your benefits available for higher level of services, should you require them in the future (of course, we hope you won’t need them – but we definitely want you to retain your resources in the event that you need it).

Super-Bill statements are provided by the middle of the month following the month when the services were received. (*if you lose your statements, you may be charged for reprints).

Please Note – you will not get a Super-Bill for services that you did not actually attend. You will only receive a super-bill for those services that you were actually in attendance for. To do otherwise is considered billing fraud and we do not engage or support such practices.

It’s important that you understand, missing appointments (*ex: illness, vacation, working late or discontinuation in the program for any reason) means you do not get Super-bills for those services.

Cost for the SEAR Group Series

The group series is a bundled service that is purchased, in whole, at the time that pre-screening has been approved and registration has been completed. The total cost for the entire two month series (16 sessions, at 2 hours each + the 2 hour Family Education Seminar = 34 hours) is $4,950.00.

We do not issue credits, “roll overs” or refunds. If you leave the program prematurely, you forfeit your seat and the funds you have rendered. When you commit to this program and pay for the service, it is your sole responsibility to attend and complete it, as designed. If you do not feel that you can commit to the program in it’s entirety, then this may not be the program for you at this time.