3 Reasons Why Synthetic Marijuana Is So Dangerous

Synthetic marijuana and designer drugs have become increasingly popular in recent years—especially among teens and young adults. While many people believe these synthetic drugs are safer and less harmful, they could cause more damage than the “real thing.”

One example of this is synthetic marijuana.

Synthetic marijuana contains over 30 different chemical compounds. These chemicals can quickly wreak havoc within the body. They can cause vomiting, nausea, breathing issues, and even loss of consciousness.

So, what makes synthetic marijuana so dangerous?

1. The Doses Are Inconsistent

Synthetic marijuana typically ships in from other countries. The synthetic cannabinoids mix with dried vegetation to create a finished product. But, it’s an imprecise practice.

There isn’t just one place where this happens—it’s happening in different warehouses and plants across the country. So, there isn’t any consistency from one “company” to the next, and you truly never know what dosage you’re going to get.

The process doesn’t allow for the opportunity to measure out precise amounts of certain chemicals. As a result, each “dose” is different. You may have a weak dose one time and an incredibly strong one the next.

What’s the problem with that? Not only could you start to use it more because you think you need a stronger dose, but you could end up a getting a batch that’s so strong it causes severe physical side effects.


2. You Don’t Know Exactly What You’re Getting

Because of the way synthetic cannabinoids are processed and packaged, you’ll never know which specific cannabinoids you’re getting in any individual dose.

Remember, there are different types of cannabinoids, to begin with. On top of that, it’s not uncommon for producers to mix them with other synthetic materials, including other harmful drugs.

Additionally, because there isn’t any regulation, they could be laced with almost anything; even household chemicals and solvents. The uncertainty of these additions is the scary part. Even one dose could cause serious health problems. It may even be fatal. There have been some reports of rat poison mixing in with synthetic marijuana.

3. They Can Cause Mental Health Issues

Some of the chemicals in synthetic marijuana have been linked to mental health problems as well as physical symptoms. While synthetic marijuana may be able to give you a high, it can also cause feelings of agitation, anxiety, and paranoia.

In some cases, these symptoms can become quite extreme. It’s an interesting bit of irony since people often associate traditional marijuana with relaxation.

Understand the Impact

Synthetic marijuana didn’t start as a bad thing or some type of underground drug. It was initially a research tool. Scientists created it to help find out how cannabinoid receptors within the brain work.  Then, researchers could learn how to better treat different physical and/or mental health issues. If it was only made for its original purpose today, synthetic marijuana could have been very helpful in the health and wellness industry.

Unfortunately, now that it’s on the market, people use and abuse it in ways that make it dangerous. The risks are even greater for the younger audience that seems to have the most interest in trying it.

Synthetic marijuana can have a big impact on your life if you’re using it. If you know someone who is using, it’s important to talk to them about the dangers and risks as soon as possible.

If you want to know more about these risks or you aren’t sure how to approach someone about it, feel free to contact me. Or, visit here to learn more about how I can help.

We can work on different useful strategies for talking to someone about any kind of drug use—especially one they may not think is causing any harm.