SEAR Aftercare Program

Welcome to SEAR Aftercare

The SEAR Aftercare program (Spiritual / Emotional Addiction Recovery) is a process-oriented, outpatient group program designed to deeply enhance the spiritual and emotional growth for those who have recently entered (or re-entered) recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction.

An emotional health service for aduts in their first year of recovery, SEAR was born as a result of so many people asking, “Is there an alternative to doing IOP again?”. Many people find they need more help, or even different help, from what is traditionally available.

Is your addiction recovery complicated by unresolved grief, traumatic events, anxiety or damage to family/relationships?

Have you already completed RTC or PHP/IOP, but need extended support ?

Need a deeper and more personal focus on emotional / spiritual aspects of recovery beyond the traditional format followed by many out patient services?

Finished treatment after relapsing and need more support – but afraid that you will lose your job if you don’t return to work?

Our time commitment (4 hours a week) is much less than many alternative programs currently available and is a valuable resource for continued growth and support in your recovery. (our focus is on quality time, not just quantity)

The SEAR Aftercare program design is intentional; to ensure that our out patient groups are more accessible to adults with professional and family responsibilities and also to those who need more support but may not require another run of a higher level of care in a PHP or IOP.

Basic Structure of The SEAR Group Series

The SEAR Aftercare groups meet twice (2x) a week for eight (8x) weeks for a total of sixteen (16x) modules that follow a specific framework and are heavily process-oriented. The content and design embrace all faith and spiritual traditions and all paths to recovery.

Each group runs for 2 hours (120 minutes).

Groups are led by seasoned professionals who are trained, experienced and credentialed. (We offer a professional service, not just overseen by but actually delivered by professionals.)

Groups are are adults only and purposely kept small; a maximum of 8 to 10 participants. This is to more quickly develop appropriate emotional intimacy, to cultivate a culture of trust within the group and to ensure an enriched personal experience for our clients. (*you will never sit in a group of 15, 20 or even more people watching videos and filling out antiquated handouts – in our opinion that is a classroom, not a therapy group, and offers little clinical value.)

Initial Prerequisites for Admission
[a]  completed 30+ days of RTC Residential Treatment for ALCOHOL/DRUG Addiction within the past 12 months
[b]  completed 2 weeks of PHP Partial Hospitalization and 6 weeks of IOP Intensive Outpatient treatment for ALCOHOL/DRUG Addiction (consecutively) within the past 12 months
[c]  completed 8 weeks of IOP Intensive Outpatient treatment for ALCOHOL/DRUG ADDICTION within the past 12 months
This Service is *Appropriate* for Adults Who:

Meet one of the three above prerequisites.

Are in active recovery and participating in AA, NA, Refuge, SMART, Celebrate or other community support.

Are currently under the ongoing care of their own physician and are medication compliant for any emotional and other diagnosis.

High-functioning, able to engage in detailed and sometimes difficult discussions, willingness to be emotionally vulnerable, motivated in their healing and recovery, able to suspend their judgment of others in a diverse and intimate clinical setting. (i.e. they personally invested in and active in their recovery).

This Service is *Not Appropriate* For Adults With:

MH diagnosis with history of active psychosis OR self injurious behavior.

SMI diagnosis, a primary diagnosis of an eating disorder, autism, a TBI or other condition requiring a different, principal specialization focus.

Current mental, emotional or physical condition making it unlikely for them to be able to benefit, participate and contribute in a group of professional adults in recovery.

Active *drug-induced psychosis OR SI/HI  – within past 120 days.

Please Note: *some substances such as meth and bath salts may have lingering effects that while stable enough for discharge from a higher level of care may leave client requiring a much different type of service than we offer.

Other Important Aspects to Consider:

Attendance and active, considerate participation is required

All cell and smart devices must be muted and put aside during group – No exceptions. This is required.

UAs, at our staff’s direction and by way of a standing order made by your own physician, are required.

Active, ongoing involvement in a sober community such as AA, NA, Refuge or SMART is required.

There are take-home assignments and you are expected to complete them. (they are quick, taking little time to complete and designed to help you stay focused on module during the week so you get the most out of this experience).

Our “Glass Kitchen” Approach to UAs/Urine Drug Screens

Urine Drug Screening:

Unlike many PHPs, IOPs and other outpatient programs we do not do weekly/routine in house testing. Why? Because at this point you have been through other levels of care and been tested all the way. We begin our service relationship with a little trust, though we will test promptly on any suspicion and continuation in the program after a positive test will be reviewed to determine if referral to another level of care is warranted.

Additionally, we employ a “glass kitchen” approach to fees where our clients know exactly what things cost; with no hidden fees, no mark ups and no inflated costs being passed on to you. You use your own physician and LabCorp/Quest so that the cost to you is clear.

So, how I get set up for the UAs?

You work with your own physician (*we have a form to help you!) to arrange for a standing order to be placed with either LabCorp or Quest and have the results automatically sent to both us and your physician. (we can refer you to a physician if you do not have one).

Frequently, these tests can be covered under your insurance and even if in your case they are not, the cost to you will be clear, upfront and often significantly lower. (*unlike many other programs, we do not test and bill you for an inflated, additional charge).

Insurance Statements for Reimbursement

We do not accept insurance for this professional group series.

However, we do provide the detailed statements (aka Super-Bills), for you to submit on your own, in order to receive whatever your insurance policy allows for out-of-network reimbursement of these out patient group services under your specific plan.

Our insurance statement/Super Bills reflect the services you actually received and are listed as “out patient group therapy”. There is typically very low reimbursement from insurance companies for this service category.

One positive is that this more accurately reflects the service and will not use any of your benefits available for higher level of services, should you require them in the future (of course, we hope you won’t need them – but we definitely want you to retain your resources in the event that you need it).

Super-Bill statements are provided by the middle of the month following the month when the services were received. (*if you lose your statements, you may be charged for reprints).

Please Note – you will not get a Super-Bill for services that you did not actually attend. You will only receive a super-bill for those services that you were actually in attendance for. To do otherwise is considered billing fraud and we do not engage or support such practices.

It’s important that you understand, missing appointments (*ex: illness, vacation, working late or discontinuation in the program for any reason) means you do not get Super-bills for those services.

Family Recovery Education / Support

As part of the series your partner/spouse or parent(s) may attend our 2-hour “Addiction 101 Seminar” (offered monthly) during the time you are actively participating in the group series. (*The normal fee for this is waived for them as long as they attend while you are actively in the program.)

This is an educational seminar aimed at giving loved ones an initial introduction to addiction and recovery. Seminar covers the disease model, expectations during recovery, accessing family support, maneuvering some challenges in manage care/insurance, setting healthy boundaries and more.

Families will also be referred to ongoing, local family support groups (if they are not already a part of one) and encouraged to participate.

Cost for the SEAR Group Series

The group series is a bundled service that is purchased, in whole, at the time that pre-screening has been approved and registration has been completed. The total cost for the entire two month series (16 sessions, at 2 hours each + the 2 hour Family Education Seminar = 34 hours) is $4,950.00.

We do not issue credits, “roll overs” or refunds. If you leave the program prematurely, you forfeit your seat and the funds you have rendered. When you commit to this program and pay for the service, it is your sole responsibility to attend and complete it, as designed. If you do not feel that you can commit to the program in it’s entirety, then this may not be the program for you at this time. 

Ben Carrettin is a Nationally Board Certified Counselor (NCC), Nationally Board Certified Master Addiction Counselor (MAC) and Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor (LPC-S). He has been in practice in Houston for over 20 years and is the owner of Practice Improvement Resources, LLC; a private business which offers an array of specialized counseling, evidenced-based clinical consultation, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and targeted ESI-based services to individuals and businesses.