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Clinical services are typically provided in person, at the Woodway office. Coaching and Consultations may be in person or virtual.

*Virtual and Tele services may also be available. These are for Coaching or Consultations and are paid via Zelle at the beginning of the appointment. Psychotherapy is not provided through phone/online services.

The CISM and ESI services are geo-specific, dependent on service type and may be provided at Woodway or on location.

Services offered include the following:

Individual Consultations – ($185 Session / 1 Hour)
Family/Spouse Consultations – ($275 Session / 2 Hours)
WholeLifeRecovery Coaching – ($185 Session / 1 Hour)
Aftercare Recovery Process Group
Interventions – Alcohol and Drug 
CISM / Critical Incident Services for Businesses
ESI Coaching for Strategic Leadership
ESI Coaching for Public Speaking

Insurance: Please note insurance is no longer accepted for any of these services. Psychotherapy only, which is very rarely an offered service, may be provided a monthly Insurance Statement (‘Super Bill’) that you may submit to your managed care organization for any reimbursement allowed under your plan. Any documentation must be requested at the first session and will not be provided retrospectively, nor for any other service types. These services are provided by a seasoned and experienced professional and as such we do not offer discounts, credits, sliding scale, roll-over or other rate reductions or adjustments.

New Client Forms

Please download and fill out the forms below before your first visit.

New Client Forms