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Aftercare Group Program

Another Way – Aftercare Group Program

Another Way; 

Out Patient Addiction Recovery Group Program 

(*an aftercare option)

This group program uses contemporary addiction models, neurobiology, human behavior, family systems as well as aspects of various world philosophies and faith traditions. While the program does touch on spirituality – it is not religion-specific and so does not focus on any one faith or belief system, but rather focuses on each person’s development of and relationship with their Higher Power. In this way, the group program is a spiritual program.

The program’s main goals are to enrich the individual capacity of each person’s journey through deepening their connection to their Higher Power, strengthening their compassion for themselves and others and pragmatically focusing on ways they can cultivate a strong and healthy community of support within their lives, now. The personal development and application of each person’s own, positive life philosophy is paramount.

I believe that sobriety is a fixed measure, but true recovery is a “living philosophy”; a way of actionable living. Moving us from survival-driven thoughts and behaviors into a place within ourselves that is both proactive and committed to whole living.

The group program compliments but does not replace your participation in 12 Steps, SMART, Refuge and Celebrate Recovery. Active participation in one of these or another established community support program is required.

Non-Traditional addiction recovery clients, those with medical complications* and clients on Vivitrol are welcome. An ROI with referring facility and any/all prescribing physicians is required.

This group is appropriate for adults who:

  1. have successfully completed a residential level of care (OR)

  2. have completed an 8 week or more IOP and require/desire more support

This group program is not the best fit for adults who:

  1. have a psychiatric condition that is dominant over their addiction

  2. have an SMI or severe mental health issue

  3. have not been through a residential program to completion

  4. are primarily seeking to alleviate pending legal concerns

Basic Info:

The group program is 8 weeks long, meets 2x a week for 90 minutes. Groups are limited to no more than 12 members and typically will be kept closer to 8 members. Calendar is set by facilitator. *A prescreen phone interview and a written referral from a residential addiction treatment facility, PHP, IOP, sober house director or addiction physician is required.

Facilitators are seasoned and experienced, fully and independently licensed professionals. We do not employ interns, “certified” or other unlicensed staff. Staff must have worked in the field under a full and independent license for no less than 10 years.

From time to time, a guest speaker from another field with unique perspective on recovery, spirituality and whole life living may guest-present in the group. These guests are vetted and will have signed a binding, legal document regarding strict confidentiality and privacy.


Payment for the program is due in full at registration. We do not offer refunds, credits, discounts, sliding-scale, roll-over, or other adaptations of payment at this time. Payment may be made by credit card, money order or cashier’s check. We do not accept cash, personal or business checks.

Program cost is $1500.

We do not accept insurance, however an insurance “Super Bill” can be provided – coded for out-patient groups, upon successful completion of the program. This must be requested prior to starting the program.

Legal / Court:

Certificates, letters and signatures attesting to attendance for legal or court purposes may only be provided after successful completion of the group program. These will not be provided prior to successful completion nor for partial attendance. No exceptions.

Ben Carrettin is a Nationally Board Certified Counselor (NCC), Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor (LPC-S) and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC). He is the owner of Practice Improvement Resources, LLC; a private business which offers an array of specialized counseling, evidenced-based clinical consultation, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and targeted ESI-based services to individuals and businesses.