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Ben Carrettin, Board Certified and Licensed

(7) 489-3329 / 5959 West Loop South, Bellaire, Texas

My name is Ben Carrettin and I am a nationally board certified and licensed professional counselor as well as a seasoned and accomplished behavioral expert. I am grounded, ethical, pragmatic and very dedicated to working with my clients. I have over 20 years of specialized, clinical experience working with  cancer patients and their families, liver and kidney transplant patients, pre-surgical anxiety,  post-surgical pain management, serious and terminal illness, grief and bereavement, addiction recovery, spouse/partners of addicts, peace officers/first responders (traumatic events), complicating anxiety/fear, survivors of suicide (SOS), death/dying and other complicated life transitions.

If you are facing the unthinkable, I am here to help.


The clinical services are provided in the Galleria/Bellaire area office. The corporate and legal services are geo-specific dependent on service type. Services include the following:

Individual Consultations – ($185 Session / 1 Hour)

Family/Spouse Consultations – ($275 Session / 2 Hours)

WholeLife Recovery Coaching – ($150 Session / 1 Hour)

Spouse, Partner and Family Group Seminars

ESI Consultations for Leaders and Legal

CISM / Critical Incident Services for Businesses

Insurance: Please note insurance is no longer accepted for any of these services. Psychotherapy only, may be provided a monthly Insurance Statement (‘Super Bill’) that you may submit to your managed care organization for any reimbursement allowed under your plan. Any documentation must be requested at the first session and will not be provided retrospectively, nor for any other service types. These services are provided by a seasoned and experienced professional and as such we do not offer discounts, credits, sliding scale, roll-over or other rate reductions or adjustments.


Who Is Ben Carrettin?

Ben is the owner of Practice Improvement Resources, LLC under which he has built two initiatives: Live Better Live Now and Texas Recovery Support. He has served as a founding board member with Greater Houston Area Treatment Providers / GHATP (the largest independent behavioral collaborative organization in Houston), as an active member of Houston Group Psychotherapy Society / HGPS, and is the Founder and Lead Administrator of Greater Houston Wellness / GHW (a focused collective of seasoned specialists in the Houston area). He is also the founder of a unique human behavior consultative service for business and law; called ESI.

Benjamin Carrettin has been working in the mental health field since 1992. He has worked in a variety of settings including private practice, private and grant-funded intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs and full inpatient hospitalization. Benjamin earned his undergraduate from the University of St Thomas and attended Texas Southern University under a full scholarship for his Masters in Clinical Psychology. He is a fully and independently Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), as well as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC), in the State of Texas. Ben is Nationally Board Certified by the NBCC. He is also a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist (CART) and has received intensive professional training in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISM). In 2012, Benjamin completed a sixteen week Lay Chaplaincy training program in pastoral care with a specialized focus on addressing traumatic grief with the hospitalized, infirm, terminally ill and their loved ones. Benjamin is an active member of the Texas Society of Clinical Oncology (TxSCO), the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) as well as the Texas Society of Addiction Medicine (TSAM) and has served on several other local community boards, service groups and task forces within Harris County, Ft Bend County and the greater Houston area. He has completed advanced training in stress and pain management for medical patients as well as over seventy-two hours of direct training in Positive Recovery (a specialized program blending best practice addiction recovery with neurologically-supported principles of Positive Psychology).

serotoninThroughout his career Benjamin has continued to improve his knowledge and expertise through advanced training courses, field application training, specialized training in corporate and legal processes, as well as additional graduate level coursework and advanced training programs. The areas of his focus include neurology/biology, behavioral cues of deception, positive psychology and epigenetics (gene expression), cancer resilience, medical meditation, violence in the workplace, neurological and bio-mechanical basis of behavior, Eastern philosophy and the mind, critical incidents in industrial and corporate settings, first responders and traumatic events, opiate addiction recovery and much more. He is also a professional trainer in the area of social media and ethics.

In addition to working in mental health, Benjamin has also worked in behavioral managed care, both in a clinical capacity and as a Federal Network Manager as well as State Network Manager for Texas. One of his many duties included investigating concerns regarding physician and clinician quality of service, adherence to best practice guidelines, as well as both business and clinical ethics issues of contracted hospitals, physicians and clinicians. To this end, Benjamin is keenly aware of current best practices in the field of counseling as well as up-to-date, proven techniques to increase successful outcomes for his private clients. He continues to be actively sought for by behavioral health hospitals, physician groups and facilities to assist them towards more effectively negotiating their contracts with insurance / managed care organizations (MCO) as well as conducting private training workshops for private practitioners, teaching them how to build and improve their practice and work more successfully with insurance companies.

blkwhtNeuronBeyond the more commonly known field applications for a specialist in human behavior, Benjamin Carrettin provides behavioral analysis and solution-oriented services for business and law. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), Human Resource (HR) professionals, Law Firms / Plaintiff Attorneys and Business Leadership can access the follow services; Voir Dire Consultative Services, In-Service Training and Workshops, New Hire/Employee Assessment, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills for Leadership, Deposition Video Analysis, Clinical Assessment / Resource Identification and Workforce Transition Coaching. Benjamin’s own experience working in the business sector and the field of human behavior, his graduate education in Clinical Psychology as well as advanced training in Human Resources, Organizational Psychology, Strategic Management and Pre-Trial Focus Groups have helped him to successfully support clients across a much wider array of industries.

In his private practice, Benjamin still provides individual, couple and family services for cancer, heart disease and organ transplant patients and their families, peace officers/fire and rescue/first responders and rig and refinery workers (traumatic events), professionals in addiction recovery, complicated anxiety/fear, grief and bereavement, survivors of suicide (SOS), death/dying and life transition.


Ben Carrettin is a Nationally Board Certified Counselor (NCC), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC). He is the owner of Practice Improvement Resources, LLC; a private business which offers an array of specialized counseling, evidenced-based clinical consultation and targeted ESI services to individuals and businesses.